George Paparsenos



Dr. George Paparsenos is the Chief Executive Officer of the Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA SA). Graduated from the National Technical University of Athens as a Mechanical - Electrical Engineer he, also, holds a Postgraduate Diploma (PhD) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Glasgow (Mechanical Engineering Department).

He acquires a significant and multiyear experience in a wide range of energy related areas, mainly in the natural gas sector, and has hold various senior management positions in both public and private sector companies and working groups.

Since 2008, and until recently, he has been the Managing Director of the consulting company Planning Bulgaria Ltd, a privately owned company that mainly does business in Bulgaria.

For two years (2006 – 2008), he supported, as expert, the know-how and technology transfer in the project “Euro – Arab Mashreq Gas Market Project”, which was funded by the European Commission and aimed at the development of an integrated regional gas market in the region of Mashreq (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria), which will be compatible with the respective market of the European Union.

From June 2002 to May 2005, he held the position of the Managing Director of ASPROFOS S.A., which is the largest engineering company in Southeast Europe and belongs to the Hellenic Petroleum (HELPE) Group, one of the largest integrated Greek energy sector companies. ASPROFOS has been playing an active role, since its establishment in 1983, in most large energy infrastructure projects (in oil, gas and, recently, electricity sectors) that have been implemented in Greece.

Due to his scientific activity and experience, he has become member of several scientific and evaluation committees and participated, as well, in the drafting of the Operational Program for Competitiveness in the field of energy and natural resources with emphasis in private energy investments, while he was also the leader of the team of external advisors to the Greek Ministry for Development on the management of the Operational Program for Energy in the framework of CSF II for Greece (Sep 1996 – May 2002).

Dr. George Paparsenos has published more than forty scientific articles concerning energy matters in workshops and congresses' proceedings or scientific journals.

His mother tongue is Greek and is fluent in English.

Dr. George Paparsenos is married and father of three children.