Michael Kyriakides

Special Consultant of Operational and Managerial Processes


Dr. Kyriakides Micheal is a Greek citizen and was born in Athens. His education and training is consisted of several diplomas in the medicine area. He is a graduate of medical school. In 1991 he acquired a physiotherapy diploma by the International Institute of Reflexology in London. Throughout the years 1996-1998, he has obtained a doctor degree in reflexology, podology in USA. He has also acquired the diploma in Heropody and Electro Acupuncture in Berkley University in USA as well. Nowadays, he is an educational representative of the Berkley University. Besides his academic status, he is also a book writer and editor to various magazines of the holistic area. In 2009, his first book has been published under the title "REFLEXOLOGY" which describes mainly the science of reflexology and how it can improve people's quality of life. Furthermore, he takes part in conferences of the specific area as a main speaker so as to inform the public about his science. Moreover, he is the president of the Greek Reflexiologists Association. He is also a president and consultant at "Therapeftiki" which is a physiotherapist's center. Finally, he was an educational manager of the "Natural Health Science"(Greek school of complementary therapies).

Dr. Kyriakides has been also specialized in the management section area. In 2008, he acquired the post-graduate of economics and management in the National Capodistrial University of Greece. In 2006, he has obtained the diploma of economics and management of the Ansted University in London. Now, he has become an Honorary member of the specific university. He was the managing director and president at "Novion" and "Interchem", subsidiaries of Neochimiki Group and at Biochem & Diagnostics and Omikron Medical, subsidiaries of ALAPIS Group. Nowadays, he is a special consultant of operational and managerial processes in Alapis and he is the president of "Universal Studies of Health and Business", member of Kyriakides Group in Greece.