Costis Stambolis

Deputy Chairman & Executive Director
Institute of Energy for S.E. Europe (ΙΕΝΕ)


Born in Cardiff, Wales in 1949 of Greek parents, he was brought up in Greece where he graduated from the Athens College. He studied Physics and Architecture in London. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Architecture (AA Dip. Grad) from the Architectural Association in London and a professional practice license as an architect - engineer from the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).

He has carried out several projects in Renewable Energy Sources, specializing on solar energy applications, on behalf of large multinational companies and international organisations (e.g. UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank). He has consulted widely on solar building applications in Greece both for private and institutional clients.

He has worked as a consultant for various UK and French construction and engineering firms on the introduction of natural gas to Greece (1984-1992). He has also pursued a career as a specialized technical writer. He has edited several books, conference proceedings and has published numerous studies and specialized papers on energy policy, RES and energy markets. "The Greek Energy Directory" (1984) and "The Greek Energy Market" (2001), published in association with Greece’s leading business information company ICAP in June 2001 are considered two basic references on the subject.

Costis Stambolis also supervises and edits on a daily basis Greece’s foremost energy site He is a founding member of the Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE), where he was elected twice as Chairman. He is currently IENE's Deputy Chairman and its Executive Director.

Costis Stambolis is a member of the Institute of Energy (UK), The Foreign Press Association (Greece) and the Chartered Institute of Journalists (UK).